When Dutch & Dutch set out to create their monitors, they didn't want to just create a great sounding audio system. They wanted to build something universally adaptable, that could be put in any studio and evolve to the sound of that specific room. With the release of their flagship 8c monitor, Dutch & Dutch has done exactly that. The 8c uses unique active room matching technology to make the monitors custom fit for your facility. Simply by taking the room's measurements, inputting them into the companion app and adjusting the onboard EQ settings, you'll ensure you hear mixes the way they were meant to be. The Dutch & Dutch 8c's makeup has some other features that are pretty new to the world of studio monitors. The 8c has two 8" subwoofers on the monitor's backside, which means it is set-up in cardioid fashion. This is something that the world of live sound monitors has utilized for years. By setting the monitor up this way, Dutch & Dutch limits the amount of sub firing in one direction and offers more accurate audio reproduction. In addition to the two 8" subs, the 8c uses a proprietary waveguide tweeter and an 8” mid-range driver to achieve superb acoustical reproduction as low as 35 Hz and reproduce signals with crystal clarity as loud as 106 dB. The monitor is also capable of digital streaming and when setting up the monitors within your LAN, 8c’s can be grouped together so you can play the same tracks on multiple monitors during a listening session. Want to find out more about the Dutch & Dutch 8c? Watch our intro video below featuring Vintage King Audio Consultant Joe Dickinson for more information on these new monitors. If you have any other questions about the Dutch & Dutch 8c, please contact one of our Audio Consultants via email or by phone at 888.653.1184