Located in Tokyo, Japan, Studio Dede is a monument to the classic era of the recording studio. Owner Akihito Yoshikawa has a deep-seated passion for all things analog, something that he knows is important to pass onto a younger generation of Japanese engineers who remain unsure about its sound. "A lot of aspiring engineers don't even know the term, 'analog.'" says Yoshikawa. "When these kids in their 20s are exposed to it, they are overwhelmed by the sound. It's my duty to keep educating and passing this along." Yoshikawa's own experience with the studio bug first came when he heard a U47 microphone running through a Neve console. It completely transformed his thoughts on how studios should run and he began putting together an impeccable gear collection including a Neve 5315 console, U47 microphones, Altec 436 compressors, UREI 1176 compressors and much more. Watch our new Make Your Mark featuring Akihito Yoshikawa below to learn more about his recording influences and his work with Vintage King's Akane Nakamura to bring the best in analog to Studio Dede.