Vintage King, a pro audio retailer based in Detroit, Michigan, has made an announcement that current Director of Business Development Ryan McGuire will be moving into a new role as the company’s President. The announcement comes as the company celebrates their 25th year in business and continues to expand their footprint in the pro audio industry, a community they’ve had a part in growing since 1993. “We knew that the next central leader of VK must possess a fresh focus, passion, and diverse skill set with a deep understanding of our industry and our customers in order to address the unique complexities of our business,” says Vintage King CEO and Co-Founder Mike Nehra. “Ryan McGuire has dedicated over twelve years to VK and during that time he’s proven time and again that he is someone we can depend on, making him an excellent choice for this highly engaged role; he gets things done and done right by creating solutions and executing.” Over the course of his career, McGuire has risen through the ranks at Vintage King by successfully impacting many positions, including a long-tenured role as one of the company’s leading sales consultants. He also founded and oversees VK’s distribution arm, M1 Distribution.  In more recent years, he has served as Director of Business Development, a position which saw him lead the sales, marketing and merchandising strategy of the company. As President, Mcguire will be responsible for providing strategic leadership for the company, as well as zeroing in on creating operational efficiencies to improve productivity. The customer experience is #1 to McGuire and his goal is to bring that experience to a new level by aligning all departments with laser focus towards customer service. In addition, he will focus on the company’s development and mentoring the next generation of Vintage King leaders. “It truly is an honor to step into the role of President of Vintage King,” says McGuire. “I’ve seen this company grow from 10 employees to 100 throughout my 12 years here and I look forward to taking it to even greater heights than ever before.” In addition to McGuire’s passion for his work at Vintage King, he also owns the Metro Detroit-based studio, the 45 Factory. The studio highlights an approach very similar to Vintage King’s take on pro audio gear with an artful blend of both vintage and hi-tech.