Antelope Audio is offering 10% off the Edge microphone throughout May. See below for more details.

For over 20 years, Antelope Audio has been dedicated to being a defining force in the worlds of digital and analog audio. With their incredible converters, plug-in models and analog circuit design, they've certainly done just that. The company's new Edge Strip acts as the culmination of all that hard work and innovation.

As Antelope Audio's entry into the microphone modeling arena, the Edge Strip is made up of three key elements; the Edge Modeling Microphone, the Discrete MP Interface and the AFX plug-ins pack. Throughout this blog, we'll detail how these three work together to give you access to a world of vintage microphones at a fraction of the price.

Edge Modeling Microphone
At its core, the Edge is a dual-capsule large diaphragm condenser microphone with discrete electronics and impressive transient response. Even before mic emulations get involved, this is just a great sounding microphone for working in the studio.

The dual capsule design of the microphone offers up pristine recordings, which allows for the microphone emulations to sound as natural as possible. In addition, the two capsules are wired separately, so you can actually blend two different microphone models together from the same vocal or instrument take.

Discrete MP Interface
Following in the footsteps of the Discrete 4 and 8, the Discrete MP uses the same transistor schematics as its predecessors. The two-input preamp also features up to 61dB of gain control in 1dB steps and connection to your DAW via USB which can control the gain settings, phantom power and more.

Another feature of the interface that will help when utilizing the Edge's dual-capsule design is the calibration oscillator. This will allow you to adjust the levels of the Discrete MP and feel safe knowing that you have accurate gain matching for both of the Edge's capsules.

AFX Plug-In Pack
The magic of the Edge microphone and Discrete MP truly shows itself when using Antelope's AFX signal processors. Upon purchase of the Edge Strip, Antelope gives you access to a growing library of outstanding microphone emulations. As of right now, the collection features 11 of the most historic mics in recording history.

  • Berlin 47FT, 49T, 57, 67, 87, M103
  • Tokyo 800T,
  • Vienna 12, 414
  • Oxford 4038
  • Sacremento 121R  

The Edge Strip bundle doesn't just stop at a simple plug-in emulation. You are also able to have complete control over the microphone's polar pattern, proximity effect and off-axis response. When paired with the ability to use two different microphone models at the same time on the same track, the options are seemingly endless.

In addition to these microphone plug-ins, Antelope Audio's Edge Strip also includes the BAE 1073 EQ and Stay Levin compressor/limiter. The AFX plug-in pack is available in VST, AU and AAX formats for both macOS and Windows.

Throughout the month of May, Antelope Audio is offering 10% off the Edge microphone. Simply head to the Antelope Audio 10% Off page, fill out the form and enter "Vintage King" as your favorite vendor. Once you receive your code, contact one of our Audio Consultants via email or by phone at 888.653.1184 to complete your purchase.   

If you're interested in hearing some samples of the Edge Strip at work, check out the Berlin M103, Oxford 4038 and Tokyo 800T below. You'll also find a video of Antelope Audio's Marcel James walking you through how to use the Edge Strip and some of its many features.