iZotope recently introduced their new interface, the Spire Studio, which gives users an affordable and efficient way to craft songs just about anywhere they go. Instead of simply using your phone to make a demo, the Spire allows you to capture pristine recordings, mix and share, all within their easy-to-use app.

Let's talk about the specifics of the interface. The Spire Studio features two Grace Design mic pres with XLR/TS combo jacks and a built-in condenser microphone on the front of the unit. Audio recorded through these inputs can be sent straight to the Spire app on your smartphone or tablet via the interface's wireless connection. No cables, no mess, no stress.

The Spire app is a free tool that is sure to introduce a new generation of musicians to the world of recording and mixing. Its simple design allows you to record up to eight tracks, then mix in an intuitive fashion and immediately share your results to a number of social and music networks. For those already well-versed in the art of music production, Spire provides a unique way of creating high-quality demos that will reinvigorate your love for the creative process.

Vintage King's Dustin McLaughlin recently recorded a demo using the Spire's built-in microphone and mic preamps. Check out the results in our new video below and purchase your own Spire Studio here.