For over two decades, Vintage King has been one of the world's preeminent purveyors of vintage and used recording consoles. In addition to buying consoles to sell outright, we also provide brokering services. By utilizing our brokering services, we can help clients who would like to avoid the hassles and complexities that can be involved in selling a desk.

Why choose Vintage King to broker your console? We’ve been a trusted partner in creating thousands of safe transactions for buyers and sellers around the globe for 25 years. Read on to learn more about our brokering process and how we can make it as easy possible for you.

The first step in our brokering process involves a conversation about your console between yourself and one of our Audio Consultants. You will be asked to fill out an online form describing your consoles configuration, contents, modifications, service history and historical pedigree if it has any. Together with Vintage King’s Used Purchasing Manager, our Audio Consultant will assess the value of your console, help set the selling price, discuss our fee and review overall logistics and timeframe. 

Our Purchasing Manager will then work with you to arrange a tech report on the console. This ensures that the selling price reflects the true condition of the desk and will provide potential buyers with an idea of any tech work that might need to be done prior to installation. Vintage King's Tech Shop is fully capable of handling tech work on most consoles we sell.

Buyers often send their consoles to the Vintage King Tech Shop for servicing and restoration, a decision which leads to a better end-user experience and a protection on one’s investment for years to come. We can also arrange for our technicians to commission and service consoles on-site at the buyer’s studio, no matter whether there is an existing set-up or a new space is being built from the ground up. In the case of a new studio, Vintage King can also design and create entire studio systems around a console, including custom patch bays, wiring layouts, acoustics and room design.

Now that the final price and a tech report are in place, the Vintage King Sales Department is able to do what they do best. In 25 years, we have amassed a vast number of clients from all over the world who are interested in the latest vintage and used consoles on the market. Our Audio Consultants have a working knowledge of these customers' wants and needs and will get your console listing in front of them.

Our Marketing Department also plays an essential role in sharing your console's availability with the world. We have a dedicated base of social media followers and email subscribers that is over 300,000 strong. Through email blasts, social posts and blog content, your desk’s listing will reach the masses and easily find its way to engaged, potential buyers.

Once Vintage King has found a prospective buyer, our Purchasing Manager will coordinate the details of the transaction, including payment, decommissioning and shipping arrangements. This is the part of the process where we can help you the most. There is no need to worry about how your console will be moved downstairs or be loaded onto a freight truck, we handle all the messy work when it comes to scheduling the move and when the big day happens.

There are only a few small details left, but the process isn't over until you get paid. Vintage King works very hard to make sure that we achieve your monetary goal when brokering consoles. Working with our Accounting Department, our Purchasing Manager will make sure that you are paid in a timely fashion.

At Vintage King, we are often asked what's the difference between a customer selling a console by themselves and having us broker a deal with a buyer. The difference is we are a trusted resource with years of experience and knowledge that will make the process as simple as possible for you. We put the blood, sweat and tears into selling your console so that you can continue doing what you do best — working in the studio.

Want to start brokering your console with Vintage King? Fill out the form below and you will be contacted by one of our Audio Consultants regarding the sale of your desk. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via email or by phone at 888.653.1184