The world of modular synthesizers has blown wide open in the past couple of years, thanks in part to incredible builders like Make Noise. The Asheville, North Carolina-based brand started by husband/wife duo Tony Rolando and Kelly Kelbel has pushed to the forefront of the scene with impressive sounding modules and a unique visual aesthetic.

"I've always felt like you need to fall in love with the machine you're using, otherwise it's just a tool," Rolando says. "If it's going to be an instrument, you have to fall in love with it. For me, I've fallen for many instruments over the years. Often times, I've never used it, I've only looked at pictures."

As Make Noise has ascended during their decade-long run, Rolando and Kelbell have kept on creating lovable synthesizers by offering a highly inspiring workplace for their employees. Whether it's something as simple as a co-worker putting on a performance during cleaning chores or doing company-wide yoga to the soundtrack of patched together 0-Coasts, the vibe that Make Noise fosters is one that breeds creativity.

Earlier this year, we went down to Asheville to visit the Make Noise crew to learn more about the history of the company and their day to day operations. Watch our brand new Inside Look at Make Noise below and get an exclusive look into the world of these eclectic synth makers. 

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