When you think of establishments where great live sound is absolutely an essential element, you probably think about music venues, movie theatres and houses of worship. If you ask Retrofit owner Brad Goodstein, fitness studios also deserve to be on this list.  "Music is everything for fitness," Goodstein says. "It sets the mood. It motivates people. It can control the intensity of a class. Workouts can thrive with the right music." Located in Royal Oak, Michigan, Retrofit has been helping clients get in shape since Goodstein opened the business nearly seven years ago. Recently, the Retrofit staff had been growing tired of their lack of a live sound system, as trainers were required to shout loudly over the music to instruct patrons. Enter Vintage King's Paul Johnson. At their initial meeting, Goodstein talked with Johnson about the needs of the fitness studio. The objective for Johnson was clear; build a sound system that would inspire patrons and give trainers the ability to do their job properly.
For Retrofit, Johnson created the custom Gym Playback System set-up, which features a PreSonus StudioLive 16.0.2, AKG Wireless 45 Sports Microphone Set and a pair of JBL EON 610 10" Two-Way Powered Monitors. This simple lineup of gear would deliver pristine sound and allow Retrofit employees to run the board with ease.
"The process was painless," Goodstein states. "Paul definitely simplified everything for us. He organized everything and set it so we only have to worry about a few switches/settings everytime we use it. We all love the simplicity of the sound system and headsets." Since the system's installation, the Retrofit staff has been pleased with their new sound system and customers have told the staff about "how excited they were to be able to hear us without any difficulty."
"The sound system is ridiculously great," Goodstein exclaims. "It was a great investment for my business. Money well spent."  If you're interested in talking to Paul Johnson about how he can revolutionize your live sound set-up, you can contact him by email or by phone at 248.591.9276 x175.