The Moog Music MF-104M is already a modern day classic and will without a doubt be a pedal that people will be lusting over for years to come. It features 800 ms of bucket brigade driven, analog delay that floats beautifully as you play. The repeats are simply gorgeous and sit perfectly underneath your dry signal. Experimenting with the extremely advanced modulation section is really what brings out the true charm of this pedal. With six different waveforms to choose from, you will find yourself dialing in arpeggios, laser blasts and classic tape delay tones for hours. When nerding out about Moog's flagship delay, it's not uncommon for someone to mention that it's an instrument in itself. Aside from it tonally having such a unique flavor to it, it's the type of effect where you can literally feed in just a single note and then tweak the knobs forever.  While Moog recently reissued a new version of the MF-104M, we've quickly blown through our stock of the limited pedal and are completely sold out. For those lucky enough to snag one, here are some off the beaten path tips and tricks to get your creative juices flowing. Analog Arp The Square wave LFO can achieve a very defined "chop" or "jump" to another interval of your choice. Pluck an open low "E" and while letting it ring out, turn the Amount knob just above 8 until you hear that it's modulating to an octave above your root. Experiment with the Delay Time, LFO Rate and Repeats for some otherworldly tones not found in any other delay pedal. After you try an octave up, try tuning the Amount to right around 6 and so on. Overclocking Strum a chord or single note and tap in the slowest possible time you can imagine beyond the advertised 800ms. This stretches the bucket brigade chips and overclocks the delay resulting in your repeats being masked in a low-fi/ring mod effect. Turning the repeats up to create a controlled oscillation and flipping the "Short/Long" switch back and forth creates some very unique textures and soundscapes. Modulation Machine You can use the MF-104m as a very usable, standalone chorus by running the Delay Time around 1.5, Feedback around 1, LFO to Sine wave, rate, amount and mix to taste. In addition, you can run the Mix all the way wet for a very smooth pitch vibrato. Express Yourself It's known but not often fully realized the power that lies on the back panel on the MF-104m. Individual inputs to control each parameter with an expression pedal or to connect another CV-capable instrument grant you ultimate creative control. Similar to using a mod wheel on your favorite synth, adjusting the LFO Amount with an expression pedal adds some really exciting flair. Deep Tweaking With MIDI CC The MF-104M has a number of advanced settings under the hood that can be controlled via MIDI Control Change messages. Some of the parameters being Pitch Bend Amount, Filter Bright/Dark, LFO Clock Divisions and more. Bonus Tips And Tricks -Did you know that if you hold the tap tempo switch down that you can tap in the timing of the LFO rate? The LED will glow green for delay, red for LFO. -Hold down the Bypass switch to take you in and out of spillover (buffered) mode or without (true bypass)