These Black Friday deals are no longer available, please click here to shop all current 2019 Black Friday promos. If you've been thinking about upgrading your studio monitors, there's never been a better time to make your move. Read below to learn about monitors from Acoustic Energy, ADAM AudioATC, Barefoot Sound, Focal and ProAc. Acoustic Energy AE1 Acoustic Energy has been around since 1987, but the new AE1 active monitors were released in 2017. They understand how inconvenient passive monitors can be for modern engineers. So, they created an active model of their flagship AE1 monitors. No more external power amps! The AE1s feature integrated class A/B amplification and fully active filter networks. They use a proprietary Acoustic Energy aluminum dome tweeter that's optimized for wide bandwidth. Finally, the Wide Dispersion Technology (WDT) ensures they’ll work well in even the most compact studio! ADAM Audio A7X Following up on the classic A7, Adam Audio came back with an even more powerful monitor in the A7X. One of the biggest upgrades featured in the A7X is the new X-ART tweeter technology which has improved the monitor's frequency response. The A7X works more efficiently with higher max sound pressure levels and a frequency response that extends to 50kHz. ATC SCM12 In a world full of followers, dare to be different. ATC saw the trend of active near field monitors and scoffed. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, right? So instead of jumping on the bandwagon, they released their passive SCM12 Pro monitors. ATC was founded back in 1974 by Billy Woodman. They started by releasing drivers and other monitor components. Today, their SCM12s feature two new proprietary designs: the ATC 150mm/6˝ CLD Mid/Bass Driver, and the ATC 25mm/1˝ Dual Suspension Tweeter. Sound on Sound said the new SCM12’s sound “unmistakably ATC” in their review from September. Barefoot Sound MM26 Barefoot have been making a name for themselves since they started releasing studio monitors back in 2006. They’ve quickly become the leading manufacturer of pro audio recording monitors. And for good reason. Their MM26s are a newly upgraded version of their famous MM27 Gen2’s. The MM26’s include new incredibly transparent 2.5” aluminum cone mid-range drivers. Even better, the MM26’s utilize Barefoot's new MEME Technology. A switch on the monitors allows you to toggle between four modes:
  • “Flat” response
  • “Hi-Fi” warmer and sweeter,
  • "Old School” emulates NS10M’s
  • “Cube” makes your mixes sound like Ice Cube records emulates the sound of “mix-cube" monitors
Focal CMS65 Focal's CMS65 monitors have made a big splash as being a great bang-for-your-buck. Aside from their neutral, dynamic, and detailed sound, they feature an extended response at 45Hz (-3dB). Which means they’re perfect for small home studios. Just enough low end to feel it in your chest while remaining tonally balanced. Plus your neighbors won’t call the cops! (probably..)   ProAc Studio SM100 The ProAc Studio 100s are classic near field monitors. They’ve been found in countless studios over the last 20 years, but in 2013 ProAc stopped production. Thankfully, the new and improved SM100s were released shortly after. These passive monitors are often compared to Yamaha NS-10M’s. Not for their sound quality, but in terms of how brutally revealing they are. The SM100s are more tonally balanced, with a smoother and less fatiguing midrange. Didn't find the monitor that will fit your studio? Contact one of our Audio Consultants via email or by phone at 888.472.9023 and they can help you find a deal that you will love. Shop all of our Black Friday deals by clicking here.