Finding the perfect vocal microphone when you're working within a budget can be a lot easier than you actually might expect. After all, there are classic studio microphones that come in well under the price of some of their more famous counterparts like vintage Neumann U 47s and U 87s.

In our new blog, we're exploring some great examples of vocal microphones under $2000. With storied mic makers like Neumann and AKG making the list, in addition to newcomers like Aston and Roswell, you'll be sure to find something new for your studio that doesn't completely drain your wallet.

Aston Spirit - $449
Completely made in the U.K., the Spirit has a balanced, modern sound at a project studio price point. Great for pop vocals and stringed instruments. Commonly purchased in pairs for stereo use, this mic is an excellent buy.

Roswell Mini K47 - $299
One of our favorite inexpensive condenser mics, the Mini K47's performance is unbelievable for its price. Great little workhorse mic for just about any source.

Vanguard V13 - $749
In the sub $1000 range, those looking for a warm, clear and detailed tube microphone will be delighted by the V13. The sonic characteristics are in the realm of the vintage AKG C12, but at 1/20 of the price!

Soyuz Bomblet - $1199
Wow! We've never heard anything like this under the $2,000 price point. With a capsule based on a legendary Russian Lomo design, the midrange character and low end richness of this mic are truly unmatched by any other microphone near this price.

Shure S7MB - $399
Famously used by Bruce Swedien for the vocals on Michael Jackson's Thriller, you cannot beat the SM7B for rock vocals. It also has superior isolation to condenser mics, so it's perfect for tracking a singer live when a full band is in the room.

Miktek CV3 - $1199
A staple condenser mic at its price point, the Miktek CV3 is used by many of the industry's top professionals such as Vance Powell, Alan Parsons and the list goes on!

Soundelux U195 - $1249
A classic "poor man's Neumann FET 47" as it has many of the same characteristics of its $4,000 cousin. Used often for kick drum, but also a very robust vocal mic when a lot of cut and sizzle is desired.

Roswell Pro Audio Delphos - $899
Have a listen. Does it sound familiar? This is one of the closest sounding mics to the classic Neumann U 87 that we offer under $1,000. Excellent all arounder.

Mojave MA-300 - $1295
Mojave's MA-300 is a very high-quality tube large diaphragm condenser with a slight nod sonically to the Neumann U 67. Great on a variety of vocalists and sources and backed by industry-leading support.

Peluso 22 251 - $1499
This microphone achieves the open and airy character of the original famous Telefunken ELA M 251 without making you spend $20,000 of your hard earned savings!

Telefunken AK-47 - $1895
Our favorite all-around mic from Telefunken's RFT series. This mic has a bit of a forward midrange and a nice chilled out top end. It's an excellent vocal mic for almost any performer.

Miktek CV4 - $1699
The CV4 is Miktek's flagship tube condenser microphone. Used and endorsed by some of the industry's best, it competes with mics at a much higher price point.

Peluso P-87 - $994
John Peluso's take on the famous Neumann U 87. He got it so darn close and the cost is still under $1,000. One of our best sellers at this price point and a great mic for high SPL vocals or even drum overheads.

Lauten LA-320 - $449
A good sounding tube microphone for under $500?! Yep, Lauten has pulled off what once seemed impossible. A very balanced microphone with the warmth of a tube design at a price that will fit nearly any budget.

AKG 414 XL II - $1099
Originating back in the 1950s as the iconic AKG C12, the Austrian made 414 has become one of the best selling microphones of all time. With an open, bright and modern sound, you have heard this mic before on countless hit records.

Gefell UMT70S - Vintage King Edition - $1665
Prior to World War II, Gefell was the same company as Neumann. They are still making some of the best sounding microphones in the world by hand in Germany. The level of quality and sound they bring at this price point is astonishing.

Neumann TLM 103 - $1099.95
Neumann's entry-level offering is one of their biggest sellers too. The TLM 103 is made in Germany, just like their much more expensive products. Bring notoriety to your studio space by owning a piece of the most well-respected mic maker in history.

beyerDynamic M 160 - $699
The beyerdynamics M 160 is a unique ribbon microphone, as its unusual hypercardioid polar pattern offers up big, warm, dark and smooth sounds. This microphone is perfect for vocals, but also versatile enough to be used on drums, acoustic instruments or as a room mic.

If you need help finding a vocal microphone within your budget, please contact one of our Vintage King Audio Consultants by email or phone at 888.653.1184.