Over the past few years, Make Noise has become one of the defining leaders of the modular synth movement. Their unique semi-modular synth, the 0-Coast, remains one of our hottest selling synthesizers and has now spawned two modular counterparts, the Contour and Dynamix.

Make Noise Contour
Following a classic piece of East Coast synthesis used by Make Noise in the making of the 0-Coast, this new module is a four stage function generator. The Contour is designed to drive the Dynamix, modDemix, VCAs, VCFs and more. The analog 4-Stage ADSR envelope generator also is operable as 3 or 2-stage function. 

Make Noise Dynamix
Functioning similar in style to the Optomix LPG, an essential part of West Coast synthesis, the Dynamix is a two-channel, very fast low-pass gate. The level parameter provides voltage control over the amplitude and frequency content of the signal, operating as a VCF/A. For large sounding mixes, the summing section can be used to chain the multiple mix inputs.

Watch two new videos from Make Noise below to hear and see the Contour and Dynamix in action.