AES always means lots of exciting gear debuts and AMS Neve has not disappointed in the lead up to the 2017 event. Yesterday, AMS Neve announced that it will be releasing the new 1073SPX, which matches the exact specs of the original 1073, but comes with some exciting modern features. The 1073SPX features all of the character and components that made the original 1073 a staple in studios around the world. It's a Class A design mic pre with 3 band EQ and high pass filter. Things start getting different with this rack-mount version of the 1073 with the inclusion of new features like a DI Input, selectable insert feature, level meters, output level control and phantom power.  Since the early 1970s, the Neve 1073 has been one of the most beloved pres in the recording industry. Its definitive sound has been the secret behind some of the most well-known recordings in music, thanks in part to the 1073's punchy sound. Designed and built in England, the new Neve 1073SPX will bring those same sonic qualities to your studio, along with some handy new features.