Willis, Michigan is a one light town that resides a little less than 20 miles away from the University of Michigan. The small community is home to only three operating businesses; a liquor store, a yoga studio and a BBQ joint. Thanks to business partners Ben Lorenz and Jason Magee, the city can now add the beautiful new recording studio known as Willis Sound to their resume. When looking to build a larger studio than the one they currently owned in Ann Arbor, Lorenz and Magee joked about finding a vacant church through a house of worship locator web site. Much to their surprise, there was a site utilizing this concept and they quickly found an abandoned church in nearby Willis.  "We found this place and put an offer on it and, since it had been abandoned for about ten years, it was pretty easy to come to an agreement with the pastor," says Ben Lorenz. "Once we took possession of the place, walking through it was overwhelming, to put it mildly." In our new video, learn more about the path to restoring this old structure and turning it into a modern day recording studio featuring gear from Vintage King including a 16-channel API 1608 console, Slate Media Technology Raven MTi2, Barefoot Sound MicroMain 27s and more. Watch below as Ben Lorenz and Vintage King Technical Services Team Lead Cedric Yee talk in-depth about the process of outfitting the studio with gear, the wiring of patch bays and routing cabling throughout the church to create unique spaces for getting amazing sounds. If you're interested in learning how Vintage King can help you build a brand new recording facility, our experienced team of Audio Consultants can help. You can find out more by contacting us via email or by phone at 888.653.1184.