Prior to the passing of revolutionary thinker Dr. Robert Moog, he began to help Moog Music prep for the company's next phase in their development. Moving the brand's operations to his adopted home of Asheville, North Carolina, the storied synthesizer creator helped his namesake select a new headquarters and design its floor plan. It's an impact that is still felt at Moog Music nearly 12 years later.


"It's not difficult for us to continue on the path that Bob Moog laid out ahead of us," says Jim Debardi, Communications Manager at Moog Music. "His pictures are everywhere, his tools are everywhere. Everything we do has his touch on it, one way or another. The spirit of Bob Moog is alive in every corner of this factory."


We recently traveled down to Asheville to get a deeper understanding of the life of Dr. Robert Moog and the company that he helped build into the world's foremost purveyor of synthesizers. Watch our new Inside Look below to learn more about the brand's history and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look inside Moog Music's design room, production area and more.