Do you trust your monitoring environment? Do your mixes translate as you expect them to? For most of us, the likely answer is “no”, or at best, “somewhat”. If you think the problem might be your monitors or room acoustics, you’re right, but that doesn't necessarily mean your gear or space needs a complete overhaul.

The Trinnov D-Mon is a powerful tool that has been sweeping through recording, post-production and mastering studios across the world. Not only does the D-Mon act as a monitor controller for your studio, but it also offers a plethora of ways to help analyze your space and provide acoustic correction to create a finely tuned listening environment.

  1. You can trust what you are hearing with acoustic correction in the studio or on the road

Trinnov provides a listening and mixing environment of complete neutrality, as it removes any acoustic or harmonic obstacle impeding or misleading the mixing, referencing or creative listening experience.

Every acoustic aspect of your monitoring environment is analyzed and compensated for with a specific technique. All the subtlety of the Optimizer resides in knowing which defects can be corrected with acoustic transparency.

Trinnov calibration offers anyone with a mobile rig the assurance that the quality of their work not be compromised by the acoustic obstacles of the room.

  1. Your signals stay in the digital domain, and we replace your analog monitor controller or X-mon.

Trinnov can fully function as a monitor controller if needed and offers the option of both digital and analog output. Unlike most monitor controllers which employ compromised analog attenuation, routing, switching and summing, Trinnov can take the digital output straight from your DAW or mix bus converter and keep everything digital all the way to your speakers. D-Mon is a drop-in replacement for Avid's X-mon, and can be controlled from an Avid S6, ICON or via the D-Mon app on your computer. Bringing all the benefits of advanced digital monitor control with acoustics correction to your existing ICON or S6 studio.

  1. You set up presets with different target equalization to model other monitoring spaces and systems

Want to make your studio sound like a specific studio, mix stage or monitoring environment? Model a domestic, theatrical or PA system for reference? Trinnov's target EQ curves can be used to give your space the same "sonic fingerprint" as another space for reference.

  1. You work with different monitor formats without physically re-patching

Switch from Stereo to 2.1, 2.1 to 5.1, 7.1 or immersive speaker layouts, with or without acoustics correction, without having to physically re-patch your speakers using Trinnov's pre-set system.

  1. Multiple sweet spot listening positions.

For mixers who have clients in their workspace for feedback, Trinnov offers the ability to change the sweet spot listening position to optimize the listening experience of your studio guests.

Chris BolithoIf you're interested in learning more about gear from Trinnov Audio and how it can revolutionize your studio, please contact our Post-Production team via email or by phone at 818.237.9181.