Like many of the great English amp makers before them, Stone Deaf is all about bringing the power of a classic tube amp to the people. The difference for Stone Deaf lies in the digital controls of their amplifiers like the SD-30. Featuring the best of both worlds, this amp presents players with the heartiness of an analog amp and an unbelievable array of digital controls and presets.

The SD30 is a killer 30-watt gigging amp with pre-set options that enables you to store any combination of settings on eight different banks with the ability to store up to 32 pre-sets. With this many options, you'll always have delectable guitar tones at the ready no matter whether you're in the studio or the recording studio.  

To better demonstrate the versatility of the SD-30, Vintage King's Dustin McLaughlin recently tore through the amp with an impressive array of riffs. Check out our new demo video below to hear this wide range of tone options and learn more about what Stone Deaf SD-30 can offer to your sound.