With the release of their Black and Gold System and 0-Coast, Make Noise Music has had a steady stream of modular synth hits in the past year or so. The streak continues on with their latest modular synth masterpiece, the Morphagene. This next generation tape and microsound music module allows musicians to take pre-existing sounds they have created in their studio and alter them into something completely unrecognizable.

How does the Morphagene do it? The module comes with space for an SD card, which can be loaded with Reels, Splices, and Genes from your computer. From there, the module's controls allow you to jumble, layer, granularize, stagger, manipulate playback speed and even record new splices. The Morphagene will open up a whole new world for synth users looking to create sounds unlike anything else out there.

Klayton (Celldweller) got his hands on one of the first Morphagenes from Make Noise and put it to the test in his studio space. Watch his demo video below to get a better idea of what this module is capable of doing and find out why it should be next addition to your rack of gear.