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  • Make Your Mark With Joe Barresi

    To say that Joe Barresi is an immense source of knowledge in the studio is an understatement in its purest form. The New York City native, who has worked as an engineer and producer for everyone from Kelly Clarkson to Queens of the Stone Age, has spent the better part of three decades amassing an organic education for himself in all things related to recording. Continue reading

  • UnderTone Audio Releases The UnFairchild Compressor

    Under the banner of UnderTone Audio, famed producer and engineer Eric Valentine (Queens of the Stone Age, Slash) has released an incredible new compressor, the UnFairchild. This painstaking replica of the Fairchild 670 has long been in the works and is finally available from Vintage King. We sold out of our first batch of UnFairchilds in April, but you can be in on the next shipment if you order yours today by clicking here. Continue reading
  • Aston Microphones Creates Laser Targeted Pencil Microphone Dubbed Starlight

    Fresh off celebrating their one year anniversary in the pro audio world, Aston Microphones has announced that they will be releasing a new pencil microphone dubbed the Starlight in 2017. As the follow-up to the Spirit and Origin microphones, the Starlight builds on Aston's already impressive track record with another affordable mic that captures pristine sounding audio. Continue reading

  • The Basics of Miking An Acoustic Guitar

    In yesterday's blog, we went over the basics of tracking electric guitar, and now we're turning our attention to miking acoustic guitars. While many might think there isn't much more to the process than putting a microphone up to a guitar, there are many different ways to elevate your tracks from decent to outstanding. Continue reading

  • The Basics of Recording Electric Guitar

    While being a great player is as important as any gear one might use for recording electric guitar tracks, there are some essential tools needed to get the job done right. In this blog, we're focusing on some of the basics, including key pieces of equipment and techniques that can help you make your next session sound even better. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Clients Win Grammys in Over 10 Categories

    Update: Congratulations to all of friends and family who won big at yesterday's award show. See all of our nominated and winning clients below.

    The 59th annual Grammy Awards take place this Sunday, February 12th, and this year's list of nominees includes an extremely diverse group of artists like never before. We're extremely proud that among these nominees, many of our incredible clients have been honored for their outstanding work from throughout the last year of creating music. Continue reading to discover all of our clients who have been nominated in 28 categories, including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Best New Artist and beyond. Continue reading

  • Townsend Labs Introduces Sphere L22 Microphone And Modeling System


    With the release of the new Townsend Labs Sphere L22, 2016 just may go down as the year of the virtual microphone. By giving audio creators access to a wide range of plug-ins and microphone models, products like the Sphere L22 make it more affordable than ever to have different mic options for recording in your studio. Continue reading

  • Michael Elsner Talks Kemper's Profiler In And Out Of The Studio

    Having up grown up in the storied musical center of Woodstock, New York, guitarist Michael Elsner has long held a reverence for achieving the classic sounds of his musical heroes. Since becoming involved in the entertainment industry as a songwriter and producer, he’s taken this knack for exploring tones, applied it to his gear from Kemper Amplifiers, and created music for projects like American Idol, The Voice, Hannah Montana, and High School Musical 2.

    Dave Rieley from Vintage King recently sat down with Elsner to talk about how he uses gear from Kemper to create the many different tonal palettes he needs in his repertoire. Read on to discover how Kemper fits into his workflow in and out of the studio and how he utilizes pre-sets, modeled amplifiers and other features all on the same recordings. Continue reading

  • Barefoot Footprint01: First Listen and Comparison

    Why does good monitoring matter? It's important since We make every decision in the studio based on what we hear. Would you prefer to surround yourself with tools that limit your potential or tools that let you fly in ways you might never have known? Lifting the ceiling from your potential is what great studio monitoring is all about. The launch of the Barefoot Sound Footprint01 gives access to this potential to more people than ever before. Continue reading

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