After playing in bands for years in his native Texas, Sean Neff found himself on the other side of the studio working as a mix and recording engineer. Since arriving in his new home of Nashville, he can hardly remember a time before he adopted Avid software into his workflow. "I'm trying to remember when I haven't gone to my doc and hit the button for Pro Tools," says Neff. "I don't know life without it." Establishing himself as a reliable ear in Music City, Neff has cultivated a track record for working with some of the biggest stars in country music including Rascal Flatts, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton and many more. Staying fluid within the confines of such a fast-paced industry can be complicated, but to make life easier, Neff has relied on his beloved Avid S3 to stay atop of his workload. "I went for awhile just using the mouse, but I made the change right around the time the stigma of mixing completely in the box started to kind of wear off. It made sense for me, for the workflow, to try and stay in the box as much as I could." Neff says of his decision to begin using the S3. " I knew I needed something that was a tactile surface. I looked at a couple of options and discussed them with Chad Evans [Vintage King Nashville]. He said, 'The S3 is the way to go.' It made sense to go with a dedicated controller. I like the size of it, it's not overwhelming." In our video series, My Avid, we have been chronicling sonic creators who use the brand's software and hardware within their daily studio workflow. Learn more about how Sean Neff utilizes Avid gear and gain insight into life in his Nashville mix room by watching the video below.