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  • Klayton (Celldweller) Demos Elektron Analog Keys And Overbridge


    It's time for another video from the synthesizer master himself, Klayton (Celldweller), and this time the music maker has created a demo that shows off the power of Elektron's Analog Keys and Overbridge. When pairing Analog Keys and Overbridge together through your DAW, you can get some out-of-this-world results. Continue reading

  • Universal Audio Launches Ground-Up Redesign Of Apollo Twin


    During the NAMM Show 2017, Universal Audio announced that they would be releasing a new generation of the Apollo Twin interface. In its first incarnation, the extremely popular Apollo Twin gave music creators of all shapes and sizes access to Universal Audio's incredible plug-ins and processing power. Universal Audio promises even bigger things for the Apollo Twin MkII in 2017. Continue reading

  • Q-Tip Commissions Vintage King For Sale Of Classic API Console


    Hot off the release of the A Tribe Called Quest record, We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service, artist/producer Q-Tip reached out to Vintage King about purchasing a new console and selling his vintage API 3288. The desk, which was originally housed at the Radio City Studios in New York City, has belonged to Q-Tip for five years and was used during the production of the final Tribe record. Continue reading

  • Barefoot Sound Launches New Footprint Line


    Barefoot Sound is kicking off NAMM week with a major announcement, as the monitor makers have developed a new line of speakers entitled Footprint. The first release in the line is the Footprint01, an active 3-way speaker that shares many of the elements of the classic monitors designed by Thomas Barefoot. Continue reading

  • Antelope Audio Releases Orion32 HD And Zen Studio+


    Ahead of Winter NAMM 2017, Antelope Audio has announced that they will be making significant advances to their interfaces in the new year. They are starting out by releasing the Orion32 HD and Zen Studio+, both of which have many new features that will be sure to please music makers everywhere. Continue reading

  • Mesanovic Mics Unleashes New Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone


    Deni Mesanovic, the owner of the Michigan-based Mesanovic Microphones, has been churning out stellar mics since graduating from the University of Michigan only a few short years ago. Just in time for Winter NAMM 2017, his is announcing his latest creation, an active version of the popular Model 2S that has been dubbed the Model 2AS. Continue reading

  • Warren Huart Shoots Out Five Monitors In New Video


    What's the best way to select a pair of studio monitors? Sit down in a proper listening environment and listen to several different monitors with a mix you are familiar with. Warren Huart and Alex Oana recently teamed up to do just that and put five different monitors through a rigorous shootout. Continue reading

  • Sean Neff Discovers The Power Of The Avid S3


    After playing in bands for years in his native Texas, Sean Neff found himself on the other side of the studio working as a mix and recording engineer. Since arriving in his new home of Nashville, he can hardly remember a time before he adopted Avid software into his workflow. "I'm trying to remember when I haven't gone to my doc and hit the button for Pro Tools," says Neff. "I don't know life without it." Continue reading

  • Celldweller Demos Korg's Electribe and Electribe Sampler


    Klayton (Celldweller) is back with a new video for Vintage King featuring two pieces of gear from Korg, the electribe and electribe 2 Sampler (which comes in both Blue and Red). 10 years after the release of the original electribe, these two new models from Korg open up a world of sonic possibilities for all kinds of music makers. Continue reading

  • Exploring Avid's Pro Tools MTRX

    Avid Pro Tools MTRX

    Avid have been busy adding features to Pro Tools over the past couple of years, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen any new hardware from them. During that time we’ve seen the I/O hardware playing field change as AD/DA converters have taken another leap in quality/affordability and Audio-Over-IP has started to really take shape and consolidate around the Dante standard from Audinate.

    Now Avid is back in the hardware game, with a very well specified, pristine sounding I/O with sophisticated internal routing and IP connectivity. Meet the Avid Pro Tools MTRX. MTRX was originally designed by NPI and launched as the DAD AX32. It’s a configurable interface that has already found a home with high-end mix and mastering engineers and Vintage King Audio clients like Alan Meyerson, Craig Bauer, Warner Brothers and Mick Guzauski. This new version has been rebranded and updated with a smart black finish, and simplified menu of user-installable optional upgrades. Continue reading

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