After spending his formative years learning the trade at ZVEX Effects, Joel Korte started Chase Bliss Audio and created his first original pedal, the chorus/vibrato pedal aptly titled Warped Vinyl. Now five pedals deep into his line, Joel Korte has established a dedicated fanbase of freaks and geeks that crave something far beyond your run of the mill, 2-knob modulation pedal. In 2015, Chase Bliss released a through-zero flanger/modulation box called the Spectre, which was met with rave reviews. However, a common inquiry that Joel received pertained to the level of white noise when engaging the effect. As development for his next pedal, the Tonal Recall pressed on, Joel heard his customers loud and clear and revisited the noise issue on the Spectre with the Blue Knob Mod, thus bringing it down significantly. Joel's Blue Knob Mod also addresses the pedal's Regeneration control, giving it a way smoother and less erratic character when in self-oscillation. As if the Spectre wasn’t already an incredibly powerful tool, Joel’s passion for the craft and always listening to his fanbase will prove for more successful releases to come. If you already have the Spectre, you can send your original pedal back to Chase Bliss and they will perform the mod for $25. For more information, please visit their website. To hear the difference between the two pedals, check out the videos below as Joel shows off the Spectre's new controls.