We’ve been getting into the holiday spirit at Vintage King and, as usual, our season’s greetings have turned into talk about the gear that we'd like from Santa. In-Store asked a few of our staff members to expand on what they'd like to receive this holiday season for use in their own home studios and on stage.
Scott Iulianelli - Vintage King Sales Representative Matched Pair of Coles 4038s Dear Santa, How about you meet me halfway and send me a matched pair of COLES 4038s (not COAL again) so I can warm up my overheads? If they are good enough for Albini, they are good enough for me.    
Chris Karn - Vintage King Sales Representative Trinnov ST2 Pro Optimizer Even the best acoustically designed studios can have acoustic issues and that's why I want this. The Trinnov ST2 Pro fixes it all and lets you work faster with better mixes and no more guessing.    
Thomas Bustance – Vintage King Purchasing Department Apogee Quartet I would want the Apogee Quartet. It would be perfect for a small home studio setup. I just got an iMac and the Quartet would be an awesome addition. I like the fact that it has four inputs. It seems really user-friendly with an intuitive display and button setup. Plus they usually have some kind of deal/bundle with Waves plugins.    
Alex Reynolds – Vintage King Sales Support Korg Minilogue I've got my eyes set on a Korg Minilogue - I really like filling my tracks with a synth of some sort, and I think this synth could add a lot of texture for the price.    
Jeff Leibovich – Vintage King Sales Representative Avedis MA5 Mic Pre Cause owning six isn't enough, it is hands down my go to pre!    
Darrin Fendley - Vintage King Sales Representative Moog Mother-32  A Moog Mother-32 with the two-tier rack and an empty rack to build on. I want to build up a little modular rig and the Mother-32 seems like a great place to start.    
Dustin McLaughlin – Vintage King Video Content Producer Apollo Twin Solo If I could have any piece of gear this Christmas, it would be an Apollo Twin Solo. The mic pres are warm and punchy and its compact design is perfect for bringing my portable studio anywhere. Also, their Galaxy Echo, Bermuda Triangle and Tube Screamer plug-ins are incredible recreations of these vintage classics!    
Matth Knobel – Vintage King Sales Representative Audeze LCD-3 Headphones This is the perfect stocking stuffer for me. These headphones sound amazing. It's like wearing speakers on your head. They have more detail and better low-end then most speakers do. This is for the professional that can't always have the benefit of turning their speakers up or if their room has too many flaws that their mixes are hard to hear detail. This is the solution.    
Alex Oana – Vintage King Sales Representative Telefunken 251, Near-Field Monitors and Trinnov ST2 Pro All I want for Christmas is a pair of three-way near-field monitors, a Telefunken 251, and a Trinnov ST2 Pro.