Great synth sounds start with great oscillators. An oscillator is the heart of your synth patch in most cases and there are a lot of great choices out there. If you're interested in adding some new sounds to your rig, I picked out a few of the coolest oscillator modules that Vintage King has to offer for the Eurorack format. Mutable Instruments Braids
This is an incredibly versatile, wavetable based oscillator. It's sound source is digital but its control is analog, offering super-accurate tracking and extensive tone control capabilities.
Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas
Don’t let the eccentric name throw you, this module is an absolute monster. Although it’s a digital based oscillator, this two-headed beast can speak! Cross-modulation is the name of the game. The two oscillator sides, A and B, interact differently depending on the selected algorithm. The result is a range of harmonics and timbres not found in any other module.
Studio Electronics Grainy Clampit
Super unique sounds abound with this Granular/Phase Distortion oscillator! The Grainy Clampit gets you those chime-y, other-world 80’s keyboard sounds similar to vintage boards like the Casio CZ-101. Add some additive synthesis to your subtractive modular.