The great minds at Chandler Limited are at it again with the launch of the brand's very first mic, the REDD Microphone. Much like other pieces from Chandler Limited, the REDD Microphone is based on the designs of gear from EMI/Abbey Road Studios, with this particular model finding its footing in the work of Alan Blumlein.

While the REDD Microphone's aesthetic and style will lead some to think it is another U-Type mic, the truth is that this piece has it's own sound and character. This large diaphragm tube condenser microphone brings together both mic and preamp into one single tool, as it features an on-board mic pre circuit. Utilizing Chandler's REDD .47 circuit, the microphone has the shortest path possible between mic capsule and preamp.

The REDD Microphone features a wide range of options for gain selection and has a switch to choose between "Norm" and "Drive" modes.  When in "Norm" mode, the mic pre is capable of going from +4 to +33db. If you're looking for more color, simply switch to "Drive" for around +36db and you'll get extended gain and additional punch on your recordings.

We recently sat down with Adam Fiori of Chandler Limited at Vintage King Nashville and talked about the brand new REDD Microphone. Check out the video below to hear more details about the mic and gain some insight into what can be done with it.