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We kicked off our Black Friday sale this morning with tons of incredible deals on our selection of the world's best pro audio gear. You can check out all of our Black Friday sales by clicking here, but we've picked ten special ones that you can't miss out on and listed them below. Continue reading below to see them and have a happy Black Friday!

1. 10% off many of our top-selling brands
Vintage King has assembled an amazing group of brands for our Black Friday sale and we are taking 10% off their gear. Save 10% on AMS Neve, Burl Audio, Shadow Hills Industries, BAE Audio, Flea Microphones, Pultec, Bock Audio, Soyuz Microphones, Mesanovic Microphones, Inward Connections, Overstayer, Prism, Maselec, IZ Technologies, Acme Audio, Buzz Audio, Wunder Audio, Purple Audio, Highland Dynamics, Thermionic Culture (20%)JHS Pedals (15%) and Mogami (20%). Some exceptions may apply to the 10% discount. Click a brand link to see a complete list of items on sale.

2. Free Slate VMS with the purchase of an MTX Mk2
For a limited time, you can pick up the best-selling Slate VMS Virtual Microphone System for free when you purchase a Raven MTX Mk2. These two innovative pieces of gear will bring a whole new look to your studio, as the Raven allows for touch-screen control of your DAW and the VMS replicates classic microphones through plug-ins.
3. Spend $150 or more on Euro-Rack modules or accessories and receive ten Vintage King Euro-rack patch cables for free
If you're a modular synth lover, this is the deal for you. When you pick up any modules or accessories and spend over $150 during Black Friday, you'll get 10 of our brand new Euro-rack patch cables.
4. $500 off the Antelope Audio Zen Studio
The Zen Studio from Antelope Audio is a small audio interface that packs a big punch with 12 mic pres, hardware-based effects and Antelope's signature clocking. You'll save $500 on the Zen Studio when you purchase one during our Black Friday sale and also receive a free carrying bag and five new vintage EQs.
5. 19% off the Soyuz SU-019
Soyuz is offering 10% off their entire line, but they are also giving an additional 9% off their SU-019 microphone during our Black Friday sale. This large diaphragm condenser microphone features a handmade K67 style capsule and an extremely durable build.
6. 20% Off Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms System 201
Looking for an all-in-one modular synth rig? The Pittsburg Modular Lifeforms System 201 is a great place to start, as this set-up features their classic modular filter, two full-range analog oscillators and a KB-1 pressure sensitive keyboard controller.
7. 20% off Phoenix Audio DRS-8 MK2
Phoenix Audio's eight-channel mic preamp is a stellar addition to any studio, as it features a Class A output stage, Discrete Mic Input Technology, new PSU board and power transformer. Save $750 when you buy the DRS-8 MK2 before December 5th.
8. 50% off Presonus Studio One 3 Professional
Presonus Studio One 3 has a simple workflow that lets you get back to doing what you do best - creating great audio productions. Throughout our Black Friday sale, you can save up to $200 on this incredible software!

9. Save 10% On ProAc Studio SM100s
Known as a studio standard, the ProAc Studio SM100 offers punchy low frequencies and excellent imaging.Now you can save over $200 on these essential monitors and bring them home at a more affordable price.

10. Purchase $1250 or more in 500 Series modules and receive the Vintage King Rack 500 for 50% off
If you're looking into buying some new 500 Series modules and need a place to house them this Black Friday, you're in luck. You can save 50% on our Rack 500 when you purchase $1250 or more in 500 Series modules.