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  • The Strymon Riverside Offers A New Alternative In Gain


    Strymon has added another wildly anticipated stompbox to their prestigious catalog of genius innovations. Meet the Riverside Multistage Drive, a new harmonically rich drive pedal that strives to offer players a wide range of different drive options. Before we get into the real details of the Strymon Riverside, let's talk a little history. Continue reading

  • Ten Black Friday Deals You Can't Miss At Vintage King


    We kicked off our Black Friday sale this morning with tons of incredible deals on our selection of the world's best pro audio gear. You can check out all of our Black Friday sales by clicking here, but we've picked ten special ones that you can't miss out on and listed them below. Continue reading below to see them and have a happy Black Friday! Continue reading

  • Chandler Limited Introduces EMI REDD Microphone


    The great minds at Chandler Limited are at it again with the launch of the brand's very first mic, the REDD Microphone. Much like other pieces from Chandler Limited, the REDD Microphone is based on the designs of gear from EMI/Abbey Road Studios, with this particular model finding its footing in the work of Alan Blumlein. Continue reading

  • Warren Huart Shoots Out Four Ribbon Microphones


    Our good friend Warren Huart is back with another video and this time he has brought along a few ribbon microphones for a good, old-fashioned shootout. Ribbon microphones are known for smoothing out the harshest sounds a studio can offer up, in addition to being a favorite tool for recording guitars. Warren puts four mics, including the Royer R-121, Mesanovic Model 2, AEA R84 and Coles 4038, to the test on both acoustic and electric guitars. Continue reading

  • How To Decide Between A Wired Or Wireless Microphone


    If you are a speaker, a vocalist or a pastor at a church, eventually there will come a time when you must select a new microphone that fits your needs. When this situation arises, not only will you have to select from many different manufacturers and models, but you will also need to make the decision between a wired or wireless microphone. Continue reading

  • Win A Pair Of Shure SRH1540 Headphones!

    Shure has always been known as one of the preeminent makers of microphones, but their reputation for excellence and durability also extends to other types of gear including headphones. We've teamed with Shure to give two lucky winners each a pair of Shure SRH1540 Headphones. These incredible headphones are great for in the studio or just listening to records from your collection as they offer extended highs, superbly warm bass and comfortable and stable construction. Continue reading
  • Make Your Mark With Bill Putnam Jr. of Universal Audio

    By the time Bill Putnam Jr. was a toddler, his legendary father, Bill Putnam Sr., was out of the recording and mixing world and had begun focusing on creating the legendary gear that would become the foundations of Universal Audio. That didn't stop Bill Sr. from still dabbling in the studio on occasion. Continue reading
  • Simplifying Your Soundcheck: How WIFI Control is Changing Live Sound


    Since the beginning of amplifier powered PA systems, it has been a multi-person task to create an efficient sound check. You typically would have your main mix engineer behind the console, and then have at least one other stagehand. This person would either be on stage mixing a completely separate console for stage monitors, or there would be a 2-way communications system in use for the front of house engineer. This was a painstaking process. The stage hand would verbalize requests like "I need more guitar in the drum monitor." The front of house engineer would continue this process over and over again until the mix issues were resolved. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Ushers Second Canaan Missionary Baptist Church Into A New Era Of Live Sound


    When it comes to spreading the word of the ministry, there is a deep importance in understanding and connecting with the speaker and musicians during a sermon or performance. Just ask Rondall Murray of the Second Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan. "In order to have a great worship service, the quality of the sound must be top-notch," Murray says. "It can make or break your service if the people of God have to strain to be able to hear what the pastor is preaching about or what the choir is singing."

    To bring Second Canaan Baptist Church into the "future of sound equipment," Murray and Pastor Frank J. Harris Jr. reached out to Paul Johnson at Vintage King. Johnson, who has handled many installations in houses of worship of all different sizes, began working with Murray by assessing the issues that they were having with their current system and the space the facility had to offer. Continue reading

  • Oscillators to Jump Start Your Eurorack Modular: Part 1


    Great synth sounds start with great oscillators. An oscillator is the heart of your synth patch in most cases and there are a lot of great choices out there. If you're interested in adding some new sounds to your rig, I picked out a few of the coolest oscillator modules that Vintage King has to offer for the Eurorack format. Continue reading

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