Avid is announcing a drastic price cut for HDX and HD Native products. In addition to these price drops, the brand will be ending the forced bundling of cards with interfaces. Potential Avid users can now purchase individual cards and use a third party interface of their choice. In an effort to help make sense of these changes, our Avid Expert Chris Bolitho has broken down every aspect of Avid's price drops, the end of bundling and the advantages of using HDX and HD Native Products. If you have any questions or are interested in taking advantage of these offers from Avid, please feel free to reach out to us via email or by phone at 888.653.1184. What’s Changed? There has been a simultaneous price drop and return to purchasing I/Os, cards and software separately, which means you can buy only what you want and need, for less money. Pro Tools | HD software Now Available Standalone You can now purchase and own standalone Pro Tools | HD software (with a perpetual license) for $2499 or you can subscribe on an annual basis for $999. You can also upgrade Standard Pro Tools 11 or higher to Pro Tools HD for $1899 to get access to the additional features. Why is Avid Doing This? Avid has been listening to feedback from customers, dealers like Vintage King and partner manufacturers. They are trying to simplify and demystify HD ownership by reducing confusion, support problems and bad user experience. The goal is to make HD more accessible to more people so that Avid’s new collaboration tools, and flexible software ownership models gain strength and popularity.
Why Choose HD Software? - Up to 768 audio tracks with supporting hardware - Up to 256 I/O with supporting hardware - Up to 256 simultaneous audio recording tracks - Up to 64 video tracks - AAX DSP (with HDX hardware), AAX Native and AAx Audiosuite plugins - Surround Mixing - Field Recorder workflows - Satellite Link - Advanced audio editing—Scrub Trim, Replace Region, Fit to Marks, Matching Channels, Back and Play, Auto Fades, etc - Advanced automation—Punch, Capture, Write on stop, Write to all enabled, Automatch, Preview, and more - ICON Control Surface support Why Choose HD Native? - Up to 64 I/O - FPGA accelerated - Host-based plugins - CPU does most of the work, saving cost and taking advantage of modern computing power Why Choose HDX? - Up to 256 I/O - FPGA accelerated plus DSP effects - Expandable i/o, track/voice & DSP - Guaranteed, predictable performance - Card does most of the work, leaving the host computer free to process more plugins, video, and other tasks What’s New in Pro Tools 12.6? - Clip based EQ and Dynamics (for Post / Dialog) - HD only feature - Multi layer features (overlapping clips stay persistent in background) - Fader shape manipulation in timeline For customers that need guaranteed performance, extremely low latency, and high channel count, there’s never been a better time to buy Pro Tools | HDX. Our team of Avid Pro Tools | HDX is on hand and more than capable of helping you navigate these new changes in pricing and compatibility. Please contact us via email or by phone at 888.653.1184 and we'd be more than happy to walk through you these incredible Avid updates and price drops.