API Audio has always been known for their incredible console and outboard gear innovations, but now they are stepping into the world of guitar pedals. Utilizing their aforementioned expertise in pro audio gear, the designers at API have created the TranZformer series featuring the TranZformer LX for bass guitar and the TranZformer GT for guitar.

Each pedal offers players the ability to have an uncanny control over their sound, as they come packed with the iconic API 525 compressor circuit and a tone control based on the API 553 EQ. The TranZformer series is capable of giving you a wide range of tonal options, in addition to being a powerful direct box with a built-in compressor.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the TranZformer LX prior to AES 2016 and teamed up with bassist Takashi Iio for a demo video. Watch below to hear the pedal's preamp, compressor and tone control in action and get a sense of how this pedal can help you sculpt your sound.