Klayton (Celldweller) is back this week with two new demo videos featuring awesome modular synth gear from Tiptop Audio and 4MS. Watch the demos below and read more to discover about what these modules can add to your modular synth rig.

Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms Grid Sequencer
Acting as a control room for your triggers, the Circadian Rhythms Grid Sequencer from Tiptop Audio handles any issues with the use of a vast number of loopable patterns with different lengths, loopable pattern groups, mute functions and individual shuffle per track. This module offers different views, both horizontally and vertically, allowing you to chose what works best for your workflow. This doesn't even scratch the surface of what the module is capable of doing, as it comes with a manual with 60+ pages that will open users up to the device's endless possabilities.

4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator
Created by 4MS, the Spectral Multiband Resonator is a resonant filter that processes audio much like a classic filter bank. It can be used to do a variety of things with your signal, including vocode, harmonize, quantize audio to scales and much more. The module looks similar to a six-band graphic EQ, but the frequency of each channel is treated like a note in a scale, and the six bands form a chord. Using the "Rotate" knob, you can play different notes from any scale within the module's wide array of pre-set options.