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  • Trinnov Provides Studio Vet Don Setaro With The Essentials For Mixing


    Fascinated from childhood by music and the technology of recording, Don Setaro got his start by creating his own recording studio in the mid 1970s. In the time since, the Northern California based producer and engineer has moved on to tracking at Prairie Sun Recording Studio, Fantasy Studios and 25th Street Recording, but continues to do his mixing work in his own studio.

    Despite the comforts of working in his own space, Don's studio wasn't tailor made for listening to mixes properly. To combat his issues, he reached out to Vintage King's Alex Oana, whose solution was to utilize Trinnov Audio's ST2 Pro Optimizer to create a better listening environment. We recently caught up with Don to talk about how the ST2 and Trinnov software have helped ease Don's mixing process and create better audio results. Continue reading

  • Solid State Logic Updates The AWS Delta Console


    In a big announcement on AES 2016 Day One, Solid State Logic is making the move on some updates to their AWS 948 Delta. Check out the upcoming changes below and find out how SSL is making this amazing console even better. Continue reading

  • API Announces New Legacy AXS Recording and Mixing Console


    API Audio has made another huge announcement to kick off AES 2016 and the news is that they will be releasing a new console! The Legacy AXS Recording and Mixing Console continues to build on the brand's impeccable reputation by delivering their signature Analog Signal Path and a new, more powerful feature set. Continue reading

  • API Releases Brand New Guitar And Bass Pedals In TranZformer Line


    API Audio has always been known for their incredible console and outboard gear innovations, but now they are stepping into the world of guitar pedals. Utilizing their aforementioned expertise in pro audio gear, the designers at API have created the TranZformer series featuring the TranZformer LX for bass guitar and the TranZformer GT for guitar. Continue reading
  • Make Your Mark With Kevin Augunas of Fairfax Recordings

    Grammy Award winner Kevin Augunas is best known for his work with The Lumineers, Cold War Kids and Gotye, but his career extends far beyond just production. As the head of Fairfax Recordings (housed in the former Sound City Studios), Augunas has evolved his place in the music industry by becoming a studio and record label owner.

    In our latest Make Your Mark, we visit Augunas at Fairfax Recordings and learned more about his life in the world of recording and beyond. Watch the mini-doc on Kevin below and read an expanded interview to find out how he ended up at Sound City, his choices in gear and his favorite part of working in the studio. Continue reading

  • Celldweller Demos Modular Synths From 4MS and Tip Top Audio


    Klayton (Celldweller) is back this week with two new demo videos featuring awesome modular synth gear from Tiptop Audio and 4MS. Watch the demos below and read more to discover about what these modules can add to your modular synth rig. Continue reading

  • Jeffery Alan Jones Brings Home The Power Of The Avid S6

    Whether leading an orchestra, writing his own compositions or handling large-scale mixes for film, television and video games, Jeffery Alan Jones has relied on an incredible sense of organization to keep himself on top of his work. In order to further his ability to work on projects in an orderly manner, the Los Angeles-based creator recently teamed with Vintage King when looking for a new control surface and brought home an Avid S6. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Los Angeles Hosts AES 2016 Events And Demos


    The 141st Audio Engineering Society Convention returns to the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 29th – October 1st.  Bringing together the world’s largest group of audio engineers, producers, manufacturers and more, this year’s AES Convention is set to be another success.

    For AES 2016, we're offering a new experience that revolves around visiting our flagship store, Vintage King Los Angeles. This means that we're taking you out of the convention center and actually letting you experience the cutting edge gear that you crave. With demos, events and exclusive news, Vintage King Los Angeles is the place to be during AES 2016. Continue reading

  • Win A Lauten Audio LA-320 Microphone From Vintage King


    Earlier in 2016, Lauten Audio introduced a new large diaphragm microphone, the LA-320, to the pro audio marketplace. Designed to give budding engineers a leg up on capturing quality sounds, the LA-320 is a high-quality microphone with an extremely fair price tag. The LA-320 also features two independent filters located on the microphone that is easy to engage via switches on the front. These filters enable even those who are extremely green at recording the ability to easily set the microphone for the room they are working in or instrument they are working with.

    We've teamed up with Lauten Audio to give one lucky winner one of these fantastic large diaphragm microphones. To sign up for your chance to win, please read our official rules and use the form below. This contest ends on September 30th, 2016 at Midnight EST, so please make sure you have entered before then. Only one entry per person. The winner will be drawn at random on October 1st, 2016 and must reply when contacted within three days from the contest ending or another entry will be selected. Good luck everyone! Continue reading

  • Make Your Mark With Klayton (Celldweller)


    Even though you might not realize it, the music of Klayton (Celldweller) surrounds you. The native New Yorker and multi-instrumentalist has become widely known for the music he has created for film, TV shows and video games, in addition to his countless remixes and albums released under the banner of Celldweller.

    Having moved to the Detroit-area while in search of his first lucrative record contract, Klayton has established a home for himself in the Motor City, one that includes an incredible studio space. Discover more about the man behind the Celldweller name by watching our latest Make Your Mark feature and read our expanded interview below to learn of Klayton’s love of gear and his recording space. Continue reading

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