Produce Like A Pro Host Warren Huart Takes A Tour Of Vintage King Los Angeles


Recently we teamed up with producer/engineer extraordinaire Warren Huart to begin a new series of pro audio demo videos. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Huart's prolific background, he has worked as an engineer and producer on some major projects including Aerosmith, James Blunt, Korn, Hot Hot Heat, Colbie Caillat and many more. In addition to his production work, Huart also hosts an extremely successful web series, Produce Like A Pro, which provides free information on all aspects of recording.

To celebrate our upcoming video series with Warren Huart, we asked him to come down to our Los Angeles-based brick and mortar store for a tour. Teamed with Jeff Ehrenberg, the duo take an hour-long look at what's new at Vintage King Los Angeles and what's currently residing in our racks. Watch the entire tour below and be sure to stay tuned for new videos from Vintage King and Warren!

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3 thoughts on “Produce Like A Pro Host Warren Huart Takes A Tour Of Vintage King Los Angeles”

  • Orlando Bermudez
    Orlando Bermudez August 14, 2016 at 11:55 am

    Hi Warren, great review video on the gear at Vintage King. What I'd like to see you go indepth on is studio monitors and AD DA converters like Apogee vs Burl.

  • Jim Chandler

    Loved this vid. Need more! All aspects of course, but especially front end mic's & pre's, stereo bus compressors & summing mixers. Anything that helps me figure out the best gain staging in any chain of equipment. I'm a big fan of out of the box, so digital control of analog is huge for me. Also interested in new stuff that isn't a "one-trick pony" because small guys like me may have to do a native american wood flute in the morning, a torch singer in the afternoon, then break down and do a metal band tomorrow. Such is life.

  • luis pava

    Excellent review video

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