Since 1994, Fran Blanche has been creating killer guitar pedals under the moniker Frantone Electronics and picking up faithful followers all along the way. In these 20+ years as a designer, Blanche has created 20 pedals, including classics like the Cream Puff and Peachfuzz, all of which feature highly original designs that are focused on bringing something that she felt was missing from the guitar pedal marketplace. As one of Fran's greatest innovations, the Peachfuzz has become a known favorite for players and has been ranked as one of the top 50 fuzzes of all time. First developed and released in 1997, the Peachfuzz developed a reputation for its versatility, as the pedal could provide everything from ear-splitting amp sounds to simple-yet-smooth overdrive. Building off the original version of the Peachfuzz, Fran has created a new model that features three knobs and 50% more ass-kicking gain. Dustin McLaughlin, our resident guitar pedal hero at Vintage King, recently set out to discover how these changes have improved the Peachfuzz. Watch his new demo video featuring the Peachfuzz below and find out how the pedal fits seamlessly into all kinds of music from psych-leaning pop to straight-up stoner rock.