In terms of audio innovation, few can boast the modern advancements that Steven Slate has introduced to the recording world over the course of the past few years. His latest creation, the VMS Virtual Microphone System, ups the ante by offering a pristine sounding microphone and mic pre that can be completely altered by the brand's incredible plug-ins in your DAW. Imagine getting a plethora of vintage mics and mic pres for the price of only one quality microphone. That's exactly what Slate Digital has done with the VMS, as their hybrid microphone and preamp modeling system gives you access to endless combinations of signal paths that can offer your studio an even wider array of sounds. The VMS microphone, dubbed the ML-1, is a high definition, ultra linear, large diaphragm condenser microphone that offers extremely transparent reproduction, flat frequency response and super wide bandwidth. This makes the microphone the perfect tool for capturing performances correctly and then imbibing the character and vibe you want from Slate's VMS plug-in module. To help ensure the ML-1 doesn't add color to your recordings, Slate Digital has also created a preamp specifically to be used with the microphone, which is being called the VMS-One. The mic pre is built with state-of-the-art amplifiers and clean circuits to create as pure a signal as possible, allowing the plug-in platform to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the coloring of your vocal or instrument tracks. Slate Digital's continued success in the world of plug-ins has led them to develop the Virtual Microphone System, which was created through a new modeling process and tested by the team's ears. This collection of vintage microphone and classic mic pre plug-ins will give you the ability to change the characteristics of each studio take, even once they have already been recorded. Steven Slate and the rest of the Slate Digital team recently dropped off the first batch of VMS Virtual Microphone Systems at Vintage King Los Angeles and created an unboxing video to show off all the elements of the bundle. Check out the short video below to find out what you'll get and watch the other videos from Slate Digital to find out more about what the VMS can do for your recordings.