Schools out forever, the windows are down and you're cranking out those classic rock hits that make you feel like you're still living in the late 1970s. If you want to elevate your own guitar tones to the levels of the Gods of Rock 'n' Roll, we have a ton of new overdrives that will help you achieve just that. Check out these five hot overdrives and start dialing in tasty tones that remind you why you started listening to rock music in the first place.
Catalinbread SFT The Catalinbread SFT is an overdrive pedal that offers up a cranked up sound, but without the volume usually necessary to warrant this kind of tone. With two unique modes, the SFT is actually more like two pedals in one stompbox, as it offers up Stones and Stoner setting. On the Stones setting, you'll get a well-refined overdrive that places you right in the arena of the classic Richards/Taylor era. Clicking the Stoner setting will transport you thirty years forward to the dirty, dusty grime of Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age and more.
Walrus Audio Messner If you already love the tone you're getting with your guitar rig, the Walrus Audio Messner is the right fit to keep your sound intact while boosting at the same time. This low gain-transparent overdrive offers a wide range of coloring options as well, with a toggle switch that allows you to bypass the clipping diodes from the circuit in the open position and employ them in the closed position. Flip it to open for subtle grit and closed for a punchier sound.
PettyJohn Chime If you found yourself falling for PettyJohn's PettyDrive, but only felt the need for the overdrive side, the company has created the Chime, which draws inspiration from the right channel of the pedal. The Chime is built with the same audiophile components as its predecessor so it retains the sweet, harmonically rich edge-of-breakup tones found in the original. Check out Pete Thorn's demo of the PettyDrive below to hear the Chime's sound.
Stone Deaf PDF 2 Stone Deaf's PDF-2 is based on their successful PDF-1 and now comes packed with a reduced noise floor, adjustable gain knob and dual foot-switch for clean and dirty channels. What can you expect? A classic overdrive pedal that enables you to dial in a whole spectrum of supercharged sounds. Whether using the pedal on its own or with an expression pedal, you can get an incredible amount of dirt while also employing wah wah, phaser and manual tonal shifts.
Joe Gore Pedals Cult Need an overdrive to smooth out your sound? Look elsewhere! The Cult from Joe Gore Pedals gives you incredible overdrive influenced by the germanium boosters of the 1960s, which can be sculpted with your playing dynamics and guitar controls. The results include fatter lows, fewer piercing highs and the ability to create the ultimate overdrive sound you've been dreaming about every night.