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  • Chandler Limited Talks TG Microphone Cassette, Abbey Road And More


    Iowa-based Chandler Limited has established an incredible relationship with EMI/Abbey Road Studios that allows them to develop faithful gear recreations from throughout the studio's storied history. The brand's latest piece of gear is the TG Microphone Cassette, a full-featured mixing console channel strip based on the famous TG12345 console, which was used on The Beatles’ Abbey Road, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass and more. Continue reading

  • Remembering Vincent van Haaff Through His Work


    We were met with great sadness when we heard of the passing of studio architect, designer and acoustician, Vincent Amaury van Haaff on Monday, May 23rd, 2016. After coming to America and forming his company Waterland Design LLC in 1978, van Haaff spent the better part of four decades creating and building incredible studios around the world including Henson Recording Studios (Formerly A&M Studios), Conway Studios, Capitol Studios and more. Continue reading

  • Around The Shop: Federal Television Corp. AM-864


    Since the inception of the Vintage King Tech Shop, we've seen more than our fair share of unique items come through our doors. One of our favorites in that time has become the AM-864 broadcast peak limiter, which is a compelling mixture of both pro audio technology and American history. Continue reading

  • Tracking With Billy Crockett of Blue Rock Artist Ranch And Studio


    Part of what makes any studio experience excellent is the elimination of roadblocks. A well-prepared team will have everything ready for your session, whether it's an impressive selection of microphones, tape for more than a day's work or items as minute as extra guitar strings. By essentially removing the potential for any disasters, everyone involved in a production can feel free to be as creative as possible with minimal interruption.

    What about taking it a step further? What about an all-encompassing studio? This was the thought studio owner Billy Crockett had when he first started dreaming up Blue Rock Artist Ranch And Studio. Based just outside of Austin in Wimberly, Texas, Crockett created a destination studio that not only boasts world-class recording facilities, but extremely plush lodging, live performance area and beautiful scenery for miles too. Continue reading

  • Minimoog Model D Reissue Launched By Moog Music

    Update 8/30/2016: Klayton (Celldweller) was recently given a Minimoog Model D reissue to create an even more in-depth demo video. Watch the video above to hear the synthesizer's classic sound and discover more about the modern advances made to the synth's design.

    With the official launch of Moogfest 2016, Moog Music has already announced some major news about the launch of the Moog Music Minimoog Model D reissue, a faithful recreation of one of the brand's most beloved synthesizers. The Moog Music Minimoog Model D reissue will be introduced in 2016, as the company is currently building the first few units on the grounds of the Power Plant Gallery throughout Moogfest 2016. Continue reading

  • Learn About Creative Songwriting Through Universal Audio And Ableton Gear In Nashville


    For any budding songwriter trying to make their mark on the music industry, learning how to better your demo/recording process is nearly as important as the songwriting itself. We're teaming up with Universal Audio and Ableton to show Music City songwriters some creative ways to better your songwriting through the use of their innovative gear. Continue reading

  • The Building Blocks Of A Modular Synth Rig


    While many brands offer pre-made synthesizers, musicians who favor experimentation and customization may prefer modular synths. Using separate modules that have varying impacts on your audio signal, you can mix and match components to create sounds that you never thought were possible from more conventional instruments. Here are the six basic building blocks of an incredible modular synthesizer that will give you a unique tool to use in both the studio and live arena. Continue reading

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