Chris Mara Talks Tape In The Modern Studio With Vintage King

Chris Mara, the brain trust behind Mara Machines and Welcome To 1979, has been resuscitating tape machines ever since he first started looking to bring one into his Nashville recording space. Not only has he spent much of his time restoring these pieces of recording gear, but he has also put a major effort into training a new generation about how tape machines still play a role in the studio today.

We were extremely fortunate to have Chris pay us a visit in Detroit a few weeks ago and lead a discussion at Ryan McGuire's studio, the 45 Factory. Our team was on-hand to capture the conversation, in which Chris discusses new ways to get a tape machine involved in your current workflow, even if you're using digital audio software.

After ending his group discussion, we asked Chris to talk a little more about Mara Machines and the level of care they offer on each tape machine they restore. In the two videos below, the tape expert talks about how his company helps customers with both technical and creative questions, in addition to offering a short breakdown of the components in each revitalized MCI machine.

Interested in learning more about Chris Mara and Mara Machines? Check out our two-part interview with the man himself by clicking here and here. If you'd like to learn more about our selection of tape machines, contact a Vintage King Audio Consultant via email or by phone at 866.957.0822.  


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