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  • Chris Mara Talks Tape In The Modern Studio With Vintage King


    Chris Mara, the brain trust behind Mara Machines and Welcome To 1979, has been resuscitating tape machines ever since he first started looking to bring one into his Nashville recording space. Not only has he spent much of his time restoring these pieces of recording gear, but he has also put a major effort into training a new generation about how tape machines still play a role in the studio today. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Wraps Up The NAB Show 2016


    Last week's NAB Show 2016 proved to be a playground of all things content related including broadcast, music, film and beyond. With tons of gear announcements and product demos to be had, music makers of all types were excited about the many new possibilities for expanding their studio spaces. Our own Chris Bolitho and Thomas O'Connor manned the Vintage King booth, while also checking out some other exhibits at the convention. Read on to discover some of their personal highlights from Las Vegas and the NAB Show 2016. Continue reading

  • Mike Nehra Brings Together His Favorite Mics For Recording Drums


    Before Vintage King sold its first piece of gear, our co-founders Mike and Andrew Nehra owned a recording studio in Detroit and spent their time tracking artists like Kid Rock and their own band, Robert Bradley's Blackwater Suprise. To celebrate our Microphone Mission, we asked Mike to talk about his process for miking up drums, one of his favorite parts of recording and live sound. We've packaged Mike's picks together to pass on the savings to you and let him explain how he used these microphones in both settings. Continue reading

  • Sign Up For Your Chance To Win A Shure SM7B From Vintage King


    World-renowned as a classic recording studio microphone, the Shure SM7B is one of the measuring sticks by which other mics are judged in terms of its sound and durability. In honor of two-week Mic Mission, we'll be giving away two of these essential microphones to two lucky winners. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Offers Savings On Mic Accessories Throughout Microphone Mission


    In the world of the recording studio, a great microphone is an essential way to start any production. Over the course of the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing deals, offering advice and showing off our selection of microphones, which will enable you to capture the pristine audio of your dreams.

    We're kicking this week off with a promo that is set up to help you outfit your studio with all the gear you'll need to get a new microphone working properly. With five different levels, you'll be able to take advantage of the savings, no matter how much you spend on a new mic throughout our two-week long Microphone Mission. Spend the minimum amount on any new regularly priced microphone or package of multiple microphones and you'll receive the following bundles with your purchase. Mic Mission promos do not qualify for free shipping. Continue reading

  • Pensado's Place Gear Expo Expands To Both Nashville And Los Angeles In 2016


    The Pensado's Place and Vintage King Gear Expo has become an annual tradition that has been held at both locations of our brick-and-mortar stores, Nashville and Los Angeles. In 2016, we're upping the ante by hosting two separate events throughout the year with the first Gear Expo taking place at Vintage King Los Angeles on Saturday, June 11th, and the second event being hosted by Vintage King Nashville on Saturday, October 22nd. Continue reading

  • Make Your Mark With Ted Greenberg

    Ted Greenberg

    For Ted Greenberg, the star of the second installment in our Make Your Mark series, a love of audio seemed predestined from birth. The Greenbergs were a musical family, and Ted became involved in drums at an extremely early age. After working on some projects in the studio, Ted could never fully understand why the end result sounded so bad. He soon realized the answer was bad gear. Continue reading
  • Explaining The Different Types of Studio Monitors


    Throughout our two-week Monitor Mission, we've been offering ways to upgrade the monitoring situation in your recording studio. In an effort to help music makers better understand what they are listening to their creations on, we're breaking down the barriers of understanding studio monitors by explaining the elements of their construction. Learn what's inside your speakers so that you can make an informed decision when picking out your next pair. Continue reading

  • The Best Audio Interfaces Under $3000


    Audio interfaces come in all shapes and sizes, but when you're trying to build a recording studio on a budget, you might be more concerned with the unit's price. While you can never put a dollar sign on creating quality audio, we've brought together some of our favorite audio interfaces under $3000 to illustarate that you can capture professional sounding recordings at this pricepoint. Read on to discover more about these interfaces made by Antelope Audio, Apogee, Universal Audio, Focusrite and Prism from our own Ryan McGuire. Continue reading

  • Dan Pinder Discovers The Magic Of Trinnov Audio Gear


    The world of creating and editing music for the film industry is a completely different beast from most other positions in the recording industry. Filled with days and nights in unique studio situations that offer varying sonic results, the most stable way to confirm an excellent end product is by having the gear you know and trust at your disposal. Yet, what happens when that equipment seemingly leads you astray? For Dan Pinder, he turned to Vintage King to help him find the answer.

    As a music editor on major film projects like The Dark Knight, Turbo, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and countless others, Pinder has grown accustomed to a life of moving from studio to studio. However, as his monitoring situation began to cause stress in his workflow, the England native consulted with our own Bill Learned about using gear from Trinnov Audio to fix his issues. Discover how the duo tackled Dan's monitor issues and gave him confidence in the speakers that he already had been using in his mobile studio set-up. Continue reading

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