When it comes to innovation in the pro audio world, few are as widely regarded as Steven Slate. As founder and owner of Slate Audio, Slate Digital and Slate Media Technology, Steven has excelled at taking concepts that might only seem possible in dreams and translating them to physical pieces of gear. He will be showing off two of his latest creations, the Raven MTI2 and VMS Virtual Microphone System, at an event on March 3rd at Vintage King Nashville. The Slate Media Technology Raven MTI2 is an incredible, state-of-the-art multi-touch production console that transforms making music "in the box" into something more tangible. Put your hands on the MTI2's 27" screen and you'll instantly have access to every major DAW system, the centrally located RAVEN toolbar and the Batch Commander System, all of which will help you revolutionize your workflow in the studio.
In the world of microphones, Slate is elevating things to a different level with the brand new VMS Virtual Microphone System. Utilizing the brand's magnificent modeling technology, this new microphone recreates the exact tube characteristics of classic studio mics and can be used with Slate's mic pre plug-in software. Imagine buying one microphone and having a complete mic locker at your disposal. That's what you get with the VMS Virtual Microphone System. On Thursday, March 3rd at 7PM, Steven Slate will be on hand at Vintage King Nashville talking about the workflow of the Raven MTI2 and doing demos with the VMS Virtual Microphone System. Steven will be recording live vocals with the Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System with a male singer, Andrew London, and female vocalist, Katie Basden. Please join us For a fun night of beer, BBQ and amazing Slate gear by filling out the form below to attend the event.