Joel Korte has become known for his creative pedal designs that feature more knobs and switches than any other brand in the business. Yet, Joel and Chase Bliss Audio aren't just putting on knobs for knobs sake. The end results are well-defined effects that offer more control than you may have ever even realized were possible in a stompbox. This aesthetic continues on with the new Chase Bliss Audio flanger pedal, Spectre. A flanger pedal is meant to replicate the actual sound of through-zero flanging, something most pedals never come close to actually recreating. Why is this the case? It revolves around including both positive and negative flanging in one box (plus modulating a dry signal), which isn't exactly an easy process. Yet, Chase Bliss Audio's Spectre achieves through-zero design by using two delay lines, an analog signal path and a tiny digital brain to help you create any number of desiered flanger effects. The intial run of Chase Bliss Audio's Spectre quickly ran out and Vintage King is currently the only pro audio store that has the guitar pedal back in stock. We will have a limited amount of stock before other retailers recieve their shipments, so if you're interested in picking up this pedal right now, head over to the Spectre product page. Want to get a full breakdown of the pedal from Chase Bliss Audio's Joel Korte? View the videos below to discover the incredible power and flexibilty of this amazing flanger pedal.