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  • Tracking With Roger Goodman Of Royal House Recording


    Despite a burgeoning production career in California, Roger Goodman couldn't help but think about his native Detroit from afar. Since moving to the Golden State and garnering Grammy nominations, the young music maker saw a change in the definition of the word "producer" and sought to find a return to form in his hometown. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Offers Trade-In Program For New Apollo Interfaces


    Since the initial release of the Apollo Thunderbolt, the pro audio world has raved about the interface's sound and ability to streamline a user's workflow in the studio. With the recent creation of the next generation of Apollo Thunderbolts, Universal Audio has once again changed the game, improving the interface based on quality customer feedback.

    To make life easier for Apollo owners who want to upgrade to the new interfaces, we have created an exclusive trade-in program*. We will be accepting the Apollo Duo, Apollo Duo with Thunderbolt card, Quad, Apollo Quad with Thunderbolt card, Apollo 16 (Silver) and Apollo 16 (Silver) with Thunderbolt card. Using the credit from trading-in these units, customers will be able to upgrade to the Apollo 8 Duo, Apollo 8 Quad, Apollo 8P Quad and Apollo 16 (Black). Continue reading

  • Vintage King Announces Trade Program For Apogee Symphony I/O MkII


    With the release of the Symphony I/O, Apogee Electronics helped steer the direction of audio interfaces into a whole new direction. In early 2016, the brand created magic once again with an updated version, the Symphony I/O MkII, and through March 31st, 2016, we're offering a trade-in program to upgrade your interface. Continue reading

  • Make Your Mark With Ben Pacheco Of Future Perfect Music


    In the time since he walked the halls of the University of Vermont as a mechanical engineering student, Ben Pacheco has become even farther removed from the career path he once envisioned for himself. Bypassing engineering for a stint in Berklee’s music synth department, his love of sound led him to develop a passion for making music for commercial use. Continue reading

  • Aston Microphones Offer High-Quality Audio At A Budget-Friendly Price


    As one of the most buzzed about pro audio companies to come about in years, Aston Microphones has created two impressive additions to the world of large condenser mics that stand up to their hype. Dubbed the Spirit and Origin, the two microphones both feature impressive builds that are capable of capturing beautiful audio recordings with price tags that won't be detrimental to your wallet. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Clients Win In 20 Different Categories At Grammys


    Vintage King clients had another amazing year at the Grammys last night with wins in 20 different categories. Celebrating a wide range of music from country and rock to hip-hop and R&B, check out all of our clients who were big winners at the 58th annual music awards ceremony. Congratulations everybody! Continue reading

  • Vintage King And Steven Slate Team For Raven MTI2 And VMS Demo In Nashville


    When it comes to innovation in the pro audio world, few are as widely regarded as Steven Slate. As founder and owner of Slate Audio, Slate Digital and Slate Media Technology, Steven has excelled at taking concepts that might only seem possible in dreams and translating them to physical pieces of gear. He will be showing off two of his latest creations, the Raven MTI2 and VMS Virtual Microphone System, at an event on March 3rd at Vintage King Nashville. Continue reading

  • Grammy Nominees Talk Vocal Chain Secrets


    2015 was a remarkable year for Vintage King clients involved in the music industry, as we had over 30 artists, producers and engineers we work with nominated for Grammy awards. While we all know how secretive sonic creators can be about their work process, we asked a few of our favorite studio workhorses to divulge the secrets of their Grammy-nominated vocal chains. Continue reading

  • Chase Bliss Creates Flanger Fury With Spectre Pedal


    Joel Korte has become known for his creative pedal designs that feature more knobs and switches than any other brand in the business. Yet, Joel and Chase Bliss Audio aren't just putting on knobs for knobs sake. The end results are well-defined effects that offer more control than you may have ever even realized were possible in a stompbox. This aesthetic continues on with the new Chase Bliss Audio flanger pedal, Spectre. Continue reading

  • Vintage King's Guide To Buying Vintage Microphones


    When it comes to buying vintage microphones, there are many different factors for deciding which mic is the perfect fit for you. Obviously, you need a piece that adds something significant to the audio capturing capabilities of your studio, but the microphone should also be a sound investment (pun not intended). Continue reading

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