When it comes to recording acoustic guitar, there are a lot of things to consider, none of which are more important than what microphone you'll be using in the studio. From plucking and strumming to fingerpicking and slide, the acoustic guitar can be played in many ways, which warrants a different type of microphone for each of these situations.

Whether you've built up an incredible mic locker or are looking for your first microphone, there are always new mics to discover that you've never heard before. With that in mind, we've teamed up with blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher for an acoustic guitar microphone shootout that will give your ears an inside track on what studio standards, vintage classics and Vintage King favorites are ideal for the instrument.

Culling together over 20 of the best microphones from brands like Telefunken, AEA, FLEA, Gefell, Mesanovic, Neumann and more, our acoustic guitar mic shootout is an essential resource for finding your next studio tool. Check out our demos on the Acoustic Guitar Microphone Shootout page and also feel free to download the Pro Tools session so that you can stack each track and hear the differences for yourself.

Signal Chain For Acoustic Guitar Microphone Shootout

Microphone >> Grace M501 500 Series Preamp (No EQ/Compression) >> Apogee Symphony >> Avid Pro Tools