One of the most recent additions to our microphone locker has been the Soyuz Microphones line, which features two unique, handcrafted mics, the SU-017 and SU-011. To celebrate Soyuz coming to Vintage King, we've teamed up with the Russian-born company to put on a unique demo event at Vintage King Nashville. If you've been interested in hearing what Soyuz mics can do and getting a hands-on feel for their products, this event is the perfect opportunity to become more familiar with the SU-017 and SU-011.

Our Soyuz Microphone Open House will be taking place on Friday, January 29th, and will feature the brand's President and Co-Founder David Brown showing off these incredible handcrafted microphones. Brown and the Vintage King Nashville crew will be demoing both mics, as well as explaining a bit about their manufacturing processes and answering any questions customers might have. Stop in the store on January 29th, anytime from 11AM to 4PM, and you'll be able to get the scoop on Soyuz.

While you wait for our event, Soyuz Microphones have created an exclusive behind the scenes look at the practices, sounds and workspaces that help make their microphones. In the first part of the series, you'll go inside the brand's Russian factory and bare witness to the amazing process of creating the SU-017 from scratch.

Now, go further in-depth and watch this small feature about the work that goes building into the microphone's capsule. While some makers rely on machinery or outsourced work, The level of handcraftsmanship that is carried out on the Soyuz workshop floor is among some of the best in the business.

Seeing how a product is produced and knowing that is made with lots of love and attention is important, but the microphone also has to sound good as well. In addition to perfecting their building process, Soyuz has truly nailed the sound of the SU-017. Watch the video below and listen to the Soundcloud samples to discover how the Soyuz SU-017 compares to classic microphones like the Neumann U67 and AKG C12.