With a name that means "unity" in Russian, Soyuz Microphones has brought together the aesthetics of East and West in two incredibly sleek microphone offerings, the SU-017 and SU-011. Based less than 100 miles away from Moscow, the brand's factory is building each microphone by hand and doing so in a unique fashion that renders every product as a distinct piece of art.


For their SU-017 model, a large diaphragm mic, the designers at Soyuz were looking to create something rich and polished. They've done just that as the SU-017 offers warm low ends and enhanced character on the mid-range, along with a resilient makeup that will make this a favorite in your mic locker for years to come.

Replicating the same handmade process of its bigger brother, the SU-011 is a small diaphragm mic that can also accommodate the capsule of the SU-017. This means that your dead stock sub miniature tube mic can give you both small and large diaphragm options with cardioid directional pattern.

Soyuz Microphones have created an exclusive behind the scenes look at the practices, sounds and workspaces that make their microphones so special. In the first part of the series, you'll go inside the brand's Russian factory and bare witness to the amazing process of creating the SU-017 from scratch.

Now, go further in-depth and watch this small feature about the work that goes building into the microphone's capsule. While some makers rely on machinery or outsourced work, The level of handcraftsmanship that is carried out on the Soyuz workshop floor is among some of the best in the business.