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Earthquaker Devices Unleashes Seven New Pedals For NAMM


EarthQuaker Devices always brings it to every trade show and it's no different at Winter NAMM 2016. The Akron, Ohio-based company has introduced seven new pedals that will debut this weekend at the annual pro audio and music gear convention, including a harmonic tremolo, heavy duty fuzz, voltage controlled envelope filter and more. Check out all these hot new pedals from EarthQuaker below.


Spires Nu Face Double Fuzz
EarthQuaker has always delivered killer fuzz and the brand new Spires is no different. This pedal condenses down a Rosac Nu Fuzz and EarthQuaker's own Dream Crusher into one compact pedal. EQD fans will remember that the original Dream Crusher was discontinued, so this is your chance to get that indispensable fuzz back on your pedalboard.


Spatial Delivery Sample And Hold
Want some funky sounding auto-wah for your guitar rig? This voltage controlled envelope filter provides some out-of-this-world sounds via three modes, Up Sweep, Down Sweep and Sample and Hold. This is a killer pedal that when coupled with a sub octave can help you create a Funkadelic-worthy deep space sonic freakout.


Night Wire Dynamic Harmonic Tremolo
The Night Wire pushes the traditional harmonic tremolo further by offering split high and low pass filters, along with three different filter modes including Manual, LFO and Attack. The Tremolo section also features two different modes, Manual and Attack, and allows for users to cut and boost volume controls.


Gray Channel Dynamic Dirt Doubler
Taking inspiration from a classic hard-clipping gray box overdrive, the Gray Channel features two channels that will keep your guitar and amp's natural character in place. Cut down on the overdrives on your pedalboard and use a Gray Channel, which offers both Silicon and Germanium clipping diodes.


Bows Germanium Booster
One knob and one switch might make you think the sound of the Bows pedal from EarthQuaker could be limited. WRONG! This Germanium preamp is designed with a NOS OC139 black glass transistor and two different shaping modes including Full and Treble, which will help give you a full range of sounds from rich distortion to full body crunch.


Bellows Fuzz Driver
The Bellows is a two-knob wonder from EarthQuaker that is a down and dirty, back-to-basics, tweed tone pedal. Perfect for bass or guitar, this pedal is characterized by EQD as being "every era of rock 'n' roll in a box."


Acapulco Gold Amp Distortion
There's not much better than a cranked Sunn Model T and EarthQuaker has brought this unforgettable sound down to pedal size. The Acapulco Gold features one giant knob that gives you control over power amp distortion and allows users to utilize their volume knob to clean up the pedal's sound.

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