When famed producer Eric Valentine (Third Eye Blind/Queens of the Stone Age/The Dwarves) couldn't find the console that he needed to fit his workflow, he set about building his own under the banner of UnderTone Audio. After successfully building several desks, Valentine utilized the technology he created with co-founder Larry Jasper to create two unique pieces of rackmount gear, the MPEQ-1 and MPDI-4.

Eric Valentine and UnderTone Audio recently released several videos that offer an overview of how the MPDI-4 works and what it can be used for in the studio setting. Watch below to discover how Valentine use the MPDI-4, a 4-channel mic pre-amp and DI, to capture both clean, pristine tracks, as well as slightly distorted and colorized recordings.

In this video, Eric Valentine gives a quick overview of the MPDI-4 and what it's capable of adding to your set-up.

Want more information on how the MPDI-4 works? Here's a ten-minute, expanded version of Valentine's summary of the rackmount EQ and DI unit.

For a demonstration of the unit's colorization controls, Eric Valentine recorded funky piece he calls "70s cop music." Watch and listen to get a sense of what is possible with the MPDI-4.

In the final UnderTone Audio video, Eric Valentine cut a more somber acoustic track to show off how the unit can capture pristine recordings.