At this weekend's Winter NAMM 2016 convention, Vintage King hosted a panel discussion on modular synths and the Eurorack format. With our own Director of Business Development Ryan McGuire leading the conversation, the panel discussed the history of modular synths, how musicians create their own rigs, design philosophies and more. The panel was a veritable who's who of makers and minds that are leading the way in the world of modular synths. From veteran designers to some new up-and-comers, the discussion included Dieter Doepfer of Doepfer, Dan Green of 4MS, Gene Stopp of Moog Music, Tony Rolando of Make Noise, Brandon Ryan of Roland and William Mathewson of WMD. If you were unable to attend NAMM or missed the panel discussion, we've captured our Meet The Maker talk in its full glory. Check out the SoundCloud player below to hear the entire modular synth panel and head over to our account to hear past Meet The Maker events. Additionally, stay tuned for video of the entire event in the next few weeks.