JHS Pedals Introduces 500 Series Modules And New Pedals


Long known for their colorful effects (both in tone and appearance), JHS Pedals blew everyone's collective mind when they announced in the lead up to Winter NAMM that they would be releasing their first 500 Series units. Taking their compelling pedals and applying them to pro audio gear is a huge step for Josh Scott and Co., and should propel them into a new stratosphere full of fans who've never experienced JHS Pedals before. Catch our breakdown of all their new gear below, including 500 Series and effects.


Kodiak: Stop us if you've heard this before? An all analog signal path tap-tempo tremolo in the 500 Series format. Yeah, we can't believe it either!


Superbolt: If you want to put a little dirt onto your vocals or drums, the Superbolt 500 Series is relentless and will add its all analog grim to your recordings.


The Emperor: Another first in the 500 Series genre, JHS has created a tap-tempo modulation effect unit with analog chorus, pitch vibrato and powerful modulation.


Colour Box: Utilizing the famous 1073 gain stage, the Colour Box boasts two of these discrete gain blocks for maximum headroom and distortion, along with seven controls for shaping tone.


Pulp N Peel: A unique take on compression that will breathe life into drums, vocals and instruments, the Pulp N Peel 500 features a THAT 1512 internal mic pre and THAT 1646 output section.

In addition to their 500 Series modules, JHS Pedals are recreating several of their best-known pedals and introducing some new ones as well. Check out all of the new gear from JHS below.


Pollinator V2: Germanium overdrive fuzz. More headroom, new input gain, vintage AC128s.

Angry Charlie V3: High gain Marshall tones w/ 3 Band EQ.

Charlie Brown V4: Vintage Marshall tones w/ 3 Band EQ.


Twin Twelve V2: Refined volume control, clean preamp/amp simulation mode and red remote system.

Superbolt V2: Refined volume control and red remote system.

Morning Glory V4: More headroom, more available drive, high cut, high gain mode and red remote system.

Pulp N' Peel V4: Compressor Preamplifier, EQ, Overdrive, Clean Blend, Parallel 1/4" and XLR directo outputs, and buffer or true bypass.


The "See-Saw" Modular Volume Control: JHS has created an end-all stereo/mono volume pedal, preamp, direct box, tuner and effects. This pedal is the perfect size and has been created with an analog studio-grade active circuit inside.

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