Widely regarded as one of the best converters on the market, Burl Audio's B80 Mothership is a remarkable tool for the recording studio. For those pining for a smaller version of the chassis, Rich Williams and the crew at Burl have heard your prayers and created a new product, the B16 Mothership. Announced at Winter NAMM 2016, the B16 Mothership is a 2U, 2-Slot version of the B80 Mothership and utilizes the same I/O cards as its predecessor. Keeping with Burl Audio's dedication to the finest audio around, the unit features class-A circuitry and connectivity for your choice of Digilink, MADI, Dante and SoundGrid.
Here's a short breakdown of the cards that can be used with both the B16 and B80 Mothership, including the brand new BAES4, which was also introduced at NAMM: BAES4 Features: • 2 Stereo XLR AES Inputs • 2 Stereo XLR AES Outputs • Clocking from BMB, AES IN 1/2 or AES IN 3/4 • Up to 8 channels digital I/O simultaneously in one chassis BAD4 Features: - 44.1k Hz to 192k Hz, 24 bit, 4 channel ADC - Exact same circuit path as B2 BOMBER ADC - Proprietary, high definition, BURL AUDIO BX1 transformer input - All class-A, discrete transistors signal path with zero feedback, zero capacitors - 4 XLR connectivity BDA8 Features: - 44.1k Hz to 192k Hz, 24 bit, 8 channel DAC - Circuit path based on B2 BOMBER DAC - Latest BURL AUDIO BOPA2, OP-AMP - All class-A, discrete transistors signal path zero capacitors - D-sub DB-25 connectivity BCLK Features: • 9 Word Clock Outputs (8 BNC, 1 AES) • Two independently programmable banks • Extremely stable, low jitter clock • Up to 20 Word Clock outputs in 1 unit