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  • Ross Hogarth Visits The Vintage King Tech Shop


    Famed producer/engineer Ross Hogarth has worked on many incredible records from the likes of Mötley Crüe, John Mellencamp, REM, Celine Dion and more, but some might not know that he plays an integral role in the history of Vintage King. Hogarth began working with Vintage King owners Mike and Andrew Nehra when he agreed to do FOH Sound for the brothers' band, Robert Bradley's Blackwater Suprise, during a summer tour with Dave Matthews Band. Continue reading

  • Vintage King Giving Away Behind The Scenes GRAMMY Tour


    Have you always wondered what goes on behind the scenes of an award show? Ever thought to yourself, "What kind of rig is this crew running?" Vintage King is giving away a once in a lifetime experience for pro audio lovers interested in the production work of a GRAMMY show. Continue reading

  • NAMM Weekend Wraps Up With Annual TEC Awards


    Last night, the Winter NAMM 2016 convention wrapped up after a four-day stand at the Anaheim Convention Center with the annual TEC Awards. Highlighting the best in the Creative and Technical sectors of the music industry, NAMM honored over 30 winners for their incredible work throughout 2015. Continue reading

  • Listen To Vintage King's Meet The Maker Modular Synth Panel From NAMM 2016


    At this weekend's Winter NAMM 2016 convention, Vintage King hosted a panel discussion on modular synths and the Eurorack format. With our own Director of Business Development Ryan McGuire leading the conversation, the panel discussed the history of modular synths, how musicians create their own rigs, design philosophies and more. Continue reading

  • Burl Audio's New Mothership Touches Down At NAMM


    Widely regarded as one of the best converters on the market, Burl Audio's B80 Mothership is a remarkable tool for the recording studio. For those pining for a smaller version of the chassis, Rich Williams and the crew at Burl have heard your prayers and created a new product, the B16 Mothership. Continue reading

  • Dave Smith And Tom Oberheim Collab On Dave Smith Instruments OB-6


    A big NAMM announcement from Dave Smith Instruments, as the storied synthesizer brand is launching a new product called the OB-6. This synthesizer is actually a collaboration between Dave Smith and legendary effects creator Tom Oberheim, and features true voltage-controlled oscillators, 2-pole filter, polyphonic step sequencer, studio-quality effects and more. Continue reading

  • JHS Pedals Introduces 500 Series Modules And New Pedals


    Long known for their colorful effects (both in tone and appearance), JHS Pedals blew everyone's collective mind when they announced in the lead up to Winter NAMM that they would be releasing their first 500 Series units. Taking their compelling pedals and applying them to pro audio gear is a huge step for Josh Scott and Co., and should propel them into a new stratosphere full of fans who've never experienced JHS Pedals before. Catch our breakdown of all their new gear below, including 500 Series and effects. Continue reading

  • Earthquaker Devices Unleashes Seven New Pedals For NAMM


    EarthQuaker Devices always brings it to every trade show and it's no different at Winter NAMM 2016. The Akron, Ohio-based company has introduced seven new pedals that will debut this weekend at the annual pro audio and music gear convention, including a harmonic tremolo, heavy duty fuzz, voltage controlled envelope filter and more. Check out all these hot new pedals from EarthQuaker below. Continue reading

  • Soyuz Microphones Open House At Vintage King Nashville


    One of the most recent additions to our microphone locker has been the Soyuz Microphones line, which features two unique, handcrafted mics, the SU-017 and SU-011. To celebrate Soyuz coming to Vintage King, we've teamed up with the Russian-born company to put on a unique demo event at Vintage King Nashville. If you've been interested in hearing what Soyuz mics can do and getting a hands-on feel for their products, this event is the perfect opportunity to become more familiar with the SU-017 and SU-011. Continue reading

  • Vintage King And Kirk Fletcher Create Microphone Shootout For Acoustic Guitar


    When it comes to recording acoustic guitar, there are a lot of things to consider, none of which are more important than what microphone you'll be using in the studio. From plucking and strumming to fingerpicking and slide, the acoustic guitar can be played in many ways, which warrants a different type of microphone for each of these situations. Continue reading

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